All Presets at Once -  72 mobile +desktop
All Presets at Once -  72 mobile +desktop
All Presets at Once -  72 mobile +desktop
All Presets at Once -  72 mobile +desktop
All Presets at Once -  72 mobile +desktop
All Presets at Once -  72 mobile +desktop

All Presets at Once - 72 mobile +desktop

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  • ULTIMATE PACK 1 (colour explosion)
  • ULTIMATE PACK 2 (travel bestseller)
  • ULTIMATE PACK 3 (biggest pack, best for portraits) 
  • BEYOND OCEAN PACK (20% donation to the ocean)
  • NEW ULTIMATE MOBILE PACK (amazing new tones)


144 Presets

72x  Desktop Presets for Adobe Lightroom CC &

72x Mobile Presets for your FREE MOBILE Adobe Lightroom CC app

This a complete package of all the presets we have designed and customised to date. Within this pack is a preset would use for any situation you could think of. Sun, cloud, dark, bright, jungle, beach, sunset, portrait, city, moody, poppy etc etc, it is in here!

NOW including the PACK 3 it is also perfect for phone photos, portraits and indoor photos AND THE NEW ULTIMATE MOBILE PACK!

These Presets work with both JPEG + Raw images

Included in this bundle are our 5 famous packs:


Let us introduce you our BRAND NEW MOBILE PRESETS

  1. Avocado 
  2. Home
  3. Memories
  4. Mocha
  5. Ocean
  6. Peach
  7. Pinky Purple 
  8. Rosè
  9. Shine
  10. Soft Fade
  11. Summer
  12. Tan

THE ULTIMATE PACK 3: this is the most versatile pack we have ever created & will work perfectly for portraits, selfies, travel, mobile photography and almost anything else. (PROFESSIONAL, SOFT, WARM, VIBRANT PRESETS)

incl. 18 Desktop & 18 Mobile presets 

  1. Acceptance 
  2. Authenticity
  3. Clarity
  4. Compassion
  5. Confidence 
  6. Forgiveness
  7. Fulfillment 
  8. Generosity
  9. Gratitude
  10. Humility
  11. Kindness
  12. Love
  13. Mindfulness
  14. Passion
  15. Positivity
  16. Strength 
  17. Warmth
  18. Wellness


brings more professionalism to your photos while keeping that colourful, eye catching style.

incl. 15 Desktop & 15 Mobile presets

  1. Cinematic 
  2. Lush Jungle 
  3. My Marie 
  4. Pool side 
  5. Safari
  6. Sand storm 
  7. Summer Shadow 
  8. When the sun rises 
  9. When the sun sets  
  10. Wadi Rum
  11. Pastel 
  12. Life is a beach 
  13. Le Riad 
  14. Bali
  15. Brighten up   


Our first pack, very colourful, golden orange tanned skin, eye popping candy colours. 

incl.  12 Desktop & 12 Mobile presets 

  1. Beachyness 
  2. Woolbay 
  3. Tropicana
  4. Sunset Bliss 
  5. Retro Summer 
  6. Philipine glow 
  7. Coconut Icecream 
  8. Colour Blitz 
  9. Fairytales are real 
  10. In love with summer 
  11. Ocean Blues 
  12. 1970s 

Ocean pack 

  • 6x allrounder presets ( moody, classic, bright whites, bright blues, comic blues, stand out) 
  • 6xunderwater photos (gopro, phone, action cam)
  • 3xhalf under water, half above (dome go pro case, also work for other photos)

15 x Desktop Presets 

15 x Mobile presets for your free Lightroom CC app


We created an IG account for your preset questions. Look for 

@majapresets  for all your questions. You are also able to direct message us us this account as well.


  •  for all of our installation guides/ or questions click  HERE  

Please remember 

  • all photos and cameras are different, these presets will give you a great base to start from which you can make a few adjustments to really nail those travel pics down. 
  • Make sure you have updated Lightroom on your desktop to the most recent version, these preset files will only upload with the new 2018 Lightroom Update.
    Desktop Presets are .xmp files, not .lrtemplate file
    Mobile Presets are .dng files
  • Prices are in USD


Sending love 

As always we thank you so much for your support, we really appreciate every single one of you. 

Lots of Love

Marie and Jake