The 2020 Accountability Calendar - August

The 2020 Accountability Calendar - August

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Introducing your monthly Accountability Calendar


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You have a new decade to live and love and do whatever you want to do! It’s a wonderful and romantic thought but we all know it’s much harder to achieve your dreams than just wishing for them to happen 😅

Today is the perfect starting point to make the first steps towards whatever it is you truly want! But you need a plan ✨You need to write down what you want and you need to decide what you will do everyday to get it 🙏🏻

We created the Accountability Calendar to help you achieve your goals in 2020. Join us as we fill out our Calendar everyday, scoring ourselves a 1, 2 or 3 depending on how many daily goals we successfully achieved. We will be sharing our calendar on social media every know and again to keep ourselves even more accountable!!

At the end of the month we will add up all our points to see how successful our months really are! With a little bit of friendly competition and daily tracking we know we can all achieve much much more this year! 

Download now and lets get this ball rolling :)