Iphone Video LUT Install

How To Install And Use Video LUTS/Filters on your Iphone

Step 1: Purchase the filters from our website, making sure you have entered the correct email.

Step 2: Download the VIDEO LUT app 

Step 3: Click here to download your purchase

If you download directly after purchase it will look like this:

If you download later from your email it will look like this:

Open the link with GOOGLE CHROME

Step 3: Download the files to your phone

Step 4: Open the files into the Video LUT app


Step 5: Your Filters will import straight into the app as .cube files!

Step 6: Click Open and select a video you wish to colour grade

Step 6: Go to Imported, select .cube and choose the LUT

Step 7: Your will will be applied. Adjust Intensity by double clicking and playing with the slider



Happy Colour Grading :)

Message us on instagram at @majaluts if you have any questions or any requests for filters that you would like in the future.

Lots of Love, Marie and Jake