Do you need help to install the presets (phone or desktop) or anything else? We have some easy video guides for you:

  • Install presets on my Iphone  - WATCH NOW 
  •  How to save the presets in the LR app tool bar - WATCH NOW
  • Install presets on my Android phone  - WATCH NOW 
  • Install my presets on my Computer - WATCH NOW
  • Any other editing tutorials - WATCH NOW
  • Free preset - Installation guide Iphone 
  • Free preset - Installation guide Samsung 

If you need any more help:Please message us on our 2nd Instagram account @MAJAPRESETS, we check direct messages on this account daily. If you message us on our main account, the dm will probably get lost.

Q&A / Contact

If your questions couldn't get answered below in the Q&As, message us directly :)

What program do I need to use your photo filters?

  • for the free Lightroom mobile app on your phone (I phone and Android).
  • to install the presets on your phone you need two apps 
  1. ZIP Extractor to open the files (free of charge) &
  2.  Lightroom CC   (free of charge) 
  • the  Lightroom Classic Desktop version (OSX/Windows)  which you pay monthly (9$/month // 7 days free trial available)
    • If you do not have the Desktop version you can use the free app only or try the desktop version for a trial month

    Our desktop presets are designed for the latest Adobe Lightroom desktop version (OSX / Windows).  

    I have never used Lightroom - should I still buy your presets?

    YES! They are especially designed for people that like to edit efficiently or have never done editing to help you to achieve a fast and great result similar to our IG photos.

    What camera do I need?

    ANY. Our photos work for any Cameras - JPEG and RAW settings as well as photos taken on a mobile phone, go pro or any other camera. Please remember that the quality of the camera and the light conditions does effect the outcome as well :).

    How do I get the presets?

    You will receive the presets via email right away. Make sure you use your current email address :)

    Do the photo presets work on iPhone images? 

    Yes! They work with all image types. Every image is different not every preset will work on every single photo, you may need to do some tweaking after applying the preset to achieve a particular look. This can all be done in the Lightroom mobile app and is very easy to do. 

    What happens if I do not have USD?

    If you live in a country with a different currency, your bank will convert the USD into your currency. So you will be fine :)


    We hope this is helpful to you! Lots of love

    Marie and Jake