Help / Q&A


I need help

  1. to install the presets (phone or desktop)

  2. to unzip (open) the preset files 

  3. I want to make little changes (skin colours) 

= click on tutorials in MENU or follow @mariefeandjakesnowpresets for installation guides, tutorials, tips. 



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What are Presets and how do they work?

    • Presets are photo filters that edit your own photo in 1 click!
    • Each filter (preset) is designed to make your photo look like a certain style
    • Each pack includes several filters for blue backgrounds (water), green backgrounds (jungle, trees), cities (whites, dark colours), selfies (skin tones), sunsets  (oranges) etc.
    • Over the time of 2 years we have been creating our own filters which we use on our own photos on IG. 
    • By applying our presets to your photos you will be able to edit your photo in the same style like we do


What program do I need to use your photo filters?

Our mobile and desktop photo filters work for
  • for the free Lightroom CC mobile app on your phone (I phone and Android).
  • to install the presets on your phone you need two apps 
  1. ZIP Extractor to open the files (free of charge) &
  2.  Lightroom CC   (free of charge) 
  • the  Lightroom Classic Desktop version (OSX/Windows)  which you pay monthly (14.90$/month // 7 days free trial available)
    • If you do not have the Desktop version you can use the free app only or try the desktop version for a trial month


    I have never used Lightroom - should I still buy your presets?

    They are especially designed for people that like to edit efficiently or have never done editing to help you to achieve a fast and great result similar to our IG photos.


    What camera do I need?

    Our photos work for any Cameras - JPEG and RAW settings as well as photos taken on a mobile phone, go pro or any other camera. Please remember that the quality of the camera and the light conditions does effect the outcome as well :).


    How do I get the presets?

    You will receive the presets via email right away. Make sure you use your current email address :)


    What happens if I do not have USD?

    If you live in a country with a different currency, your bank will convert the USD into your currency. So you will be fine :)


     We hope this is helpful to you!

    Lots of love

    Marie and Jake